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Master Fencing was started by three friends back in 1981 initially starting out working with only wooden fences in Myrtle Beach. Eventually that gave way to privacy fencing, then chain link became popular, finally Master Fencing is proud to offer an array of fences.

Not only did new kinds of fences and fencing materials start becoming more common, but the company started branching out into the neighboring areas around Myrtle Beach. Soon there was a small territorial pocket where Mater Fencing was building up customer report as well as property fences. Relying heavily on the return clientele of the Myrtle Beach area plus the surrounding cities and towns, Master Fencing built up a name for themselves both figuratively and literally.

Our professional staff has been in the industry for a long time, and Master Fencing is all about building satisfactory reports with homeowners and nourishing return business. We want property owners to call us back time and time again whenever they need fencing services for their residencies. Not only that, but our professionals are also skilled in the maintenance and repair of fences so you can call us back for any fencing issues.